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Music Art Soundscapes for Augmented Reality Galleries

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Synaesthesia Gallery AR: Journey Through The Senses

Augmented Reality (AR) App featuring Music by Liszt, Chopin, Schumann, Scriabin and others painted by artists-synaesthetes. Available for download Synaesthesia is a peculiar wiring of the brain, when sound could be perceived as colour, taste, smell or other sensation experienced in additional sensory modality. The Gallery is the result of a seven-year creative collaboration between artists-synaesthetes and concert pianist, composer and researcher Dr Svetlana Rudenko The Android and iOS App is available in two modes. Choose Random- to play & experience Gallery in your location (anywhere in the world, preferably Park). Trinity College Dublin mode geolocates the Music/ Art soundscapes across the University campus. The App features neuroscientist Prof. Jamie Ward & interviews with artists themselves.

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Psychogeography with Jack B. Yeats, Dublin

Psychogeography with Jack Yeats is a project centred around the development of a new methodology for multisensory design (MSD) through the design, implementation, and evaluation of a locative art experience with Augmented Reality (AR). The project explores how a new type of digital locative experiences can be used to widen access to, increase engagement with, and improve appreciation of cultural assets, and at the same time promote healthy walking habits. The core hypothesis is that the quality of locative augmented-reality cultural experiences can be improved considerably, and in a number of different ways, by improving the associated design processes, specifically by adopting Multi-Sensory Design (MSD) practices in combination with Psychogeography. The AR App is featuring the works of Irish symbolist artist Jack B. Yeats (1871- 1957) combined with original music soundscapes run on Haunted Planet platform. The audience will experience an augmented-reality GPS-based walking tour through Dublin streets, augmented with art and music soundscapes. Jack Yeats lived in Dublin from 1929 till his death 1957. Many of his paintings inspired by Dublin people and locations, such as “The Liffey Swim”, “The Flower Girl”, etc. Six digital images are provided by National Gallery of Ireland. Text narrative is based on fragments of Jack Yeats life, including letters, interviews and historical research. To strengthen Irish ethnicity of soundscapes traditional Irish songs are incorporated into design.


[1] Foley, D. J. (Ed.), 2009. The Only Art of Jack B. Yeats: Letters and Essays. The Lilliput Press, Dublin

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Alice Dali AR experience

Not many people know that Salvador Dali (1904- 1989) was commissioned by Random House (1873) to illustrate for a small, exclusive edition of Lewis Carrol’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”( 1865) and painted 12 images for 12 chapters of the book. Svetlana Rudenko composed on Art images of Dali and Mads Haahr with his team developed Augmented Reality experience, which give you momentum of a dream and fairy tale of childhood, the demo is here dali-ar-prototype. The App geolocates the Art-Music soundscapes across the park, the player will use radar on the screen to discover the image and to hear music and narration, after that they can take screen shot of the AR Dali painting. The families can particular enjoy the experience and be inventive to send children to stand inside AR image for screen shot to have forever memories of been in Alice fairy tale. 



Open Air Gallery AR is a service to exhibit & stage your Art Gallery in a virtual place, any location in the world, or simultaneously in many places, to showcase the art in interactive form on an augmented reality mobile screen display, in the park, in nature (if mobile network coverage allows), with music composed originally for art or chosen by you.


Multisensory design soundscapes is innovative augmentation of location with Art & Music. Different Apps attract their own audience. For example, Synaesthesia Gallery AR is an educational tool to explore perception and creativity. Psychogeography with Jack B. Yeats is of particular of interest to visitors of Dublin, Ireland, to know the history and the heart of Irish people. Alice Dali AR experience is based on Lewis Carroll "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland", with originally composed music for 12 artworks by Salvador Dali. It will bring the whole family not only on a journey to this iconic story, but demonstrate famous surrealist paintings for children's book.  We are open to discussing your project and concept for your own gallery app design. 



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